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Attorney Dean received his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Central State University in Oklahoma and his J.D. from Woodrow Wilson College of Law in Atlanta, Georgia. He was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 1977 and has been a trial lawyer since. He is a criminal defense attorney by trade with over 40 years of representing criminal defendants with cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to felony offenses such as drug trafficking and violent crimes including homicide.  His experiences as a criminal defense trial attorney has provided him with opportunities to handle cases throughout the entire United States and even abroad.

His practice also includes personal injury from catastrophic injuries, fatalities, and workers compensation.  Prior to receiving his law degree, Attorney Dean was a casualty claims supervisor for major insurance companies. He is also trained and qualified in emergency medical treatment and is a master scuba diver including certification in search and rescue. He understands firsthand how to evaluate your injuries after an accident and knows the methods insurance companies use to settle bodily injury claims.

Attorney Dean has deep ties to the Korean-American community in Atlanta and has been serving the legal needs of the community for many years.  He is widely recognized in the Asian community and highly respected in the legal community for his excellence and professionalism and received numerous awards from organizations including the Korean-American Association. He is an avid motorcycle-rider in his spare time.



  • Superior Court

  • Georgia Court of Appeals

  • Georgia Supreme Court

  • 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

  • 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

  • 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Georgia Northern District Federal Court

  • Georgia Middle District Federal Court

  • Georgia Southern District Federal Court


  • National Association of Trial Lawyers of America

  • Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Georgia Personal Injury Attorney

  • American Bar Association

  • Gwinnett County Criminal Defense Bar

  • Top 100 Trial Lawyer